Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yeah I've Been Bad...

about posting in my blog...and? lol. I'm a busy girl nowdays. I am quickly learning that being a mom while working full-time and going to school is NOT conducive to having much free time. Heck, I haven't scrapped since JANUARY! (Unheard of for me.)

So Troy is STILL furloughed. Hopefully when the new railway safety rules go into effect he'll be called back and STAY there. I'm so sick of having to depend on the damned mechanic's pay he makes now. Oh well, at least my job pays decently and after we pay for daycare my pay covers most of our mortgage. (Sad huh? MOST of...DAMNED RAILROAD!) Enough bitching about that though.

Jack may have eczema. I'm making Troy take him to the Dr. tomorrow because his little forearm is THAT BAD. Poor little guy. Then to make things more fun, he decided to paint his bedroom door, the carpet and himself with poop when he woke up for his nap. UGH!!!!!!! One of these years I WILL get a picture of it so that in 10 years I can start exacting my revenge on the little shit monster.