Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jack's First Birthday!

One year ago today I was fortunate enough to have this sweet face enter my life. He was born at 148pm and this was taken at 148pm a year later. What a difference a year makes huh?

The happy look of a satisfied young toddler with birthday cake!

Backyard in the tub!

This has been OUR favortie toy that he got for his birthday. It's a T-Rex that moves and roars at you. Jack mostly likes it, unless it's too close to him then Jack takes a hike! HA HA HA! (Note the thing has a Little People character in its mouth...Mommy was playing it too!)
Thanks for the fun toy Auntie Lisa!!!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mean Mommy!

Who DOES this to their kid??? I do! HA HA HA HA!!!!!!! OK, it was acutally Earl, my beloved brother-in-law. That's his Aunt Lisa who's hands you see in the picture. You gotta LOVE it. Jack obviously did not, but hey, it'll be a good blackmail shot someday. It'll hopefully be a good way to keep a teenaged boy in line. (Insert eveil laugh here.)
Moving sucks. Trying to close on a house and sign mortgage papers suck. Love the house though and since it won't happen again for several years I am going to try to deal with it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

BAD Blogger...BAD BAD BAD!!!

I admit it, I need to update here more. I forget I even have one of these things!
So my little man is now hamming it up for the camera. It's about time! He's cute as I'll get out but it gets old having the same open mouthed expression on camera. HA HA HA!!!! Now maybe I can prove to the world he has a personality of SOME sort. Jack also wants me to send a shout out to his favorite girl...HI ELLA!
We got word today that there's a chance we could close on our house on Thursday evening or Friday. YIPPEEE!!!!! If that happens we'll have our keys on Monday and I can get some painting done before we move in. VERY BIG thing for me. (Not that I have anything against blah beige, but come ON! lol) Jack is trying to decide between an undersea look or pirates for his room. I told him I didn't care either way but he has three days to decide so I can buy paint and be ready to paint. In the meantime...does anyone have any suggestions for kitchen colors? It also houses my dining room...ugh. Maybe I'll go boring white and paint a wall a good navy blue. Should be different huh? We'll see. This color crap is hard now that I can do something other than repaint a wall WHITE! lol. YAY! NO MORE RENTING!
Now for the other big news! Jack and I were playing today and he was cruising the couch. He was doing that scream that happy babies are want to do, lifted his arms in the air, screeched again and took a step towards me!!!! YAY!!!!!! My little boogar is growing up on me!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Prayers WORK!!!

I am back from Phoenix AGAIN. I am officially a stay at home mom again for now. YAY!!! I really missed not being home with my stinker. And now for the really, really good news...

ALL of Dad's pathology reports came back NEGATIVE!!! YAY!!!! The surgery went well too. YAY!!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

BAD Mommy

Yes, I am a bad mommy. I was sitting here last night, about 1am, when it hit me...I FORGOT AN EASTER BASKET!!!! Thank GOD my sister got him one to play with. YAY Auntie!!!! I guess with new crappy job I ought to be glad I finally had the time to go see the Easter Bunny with him yesterday. CUTE CUTE CUTE picture!!! (And if y'all are LUCKY, I may even scan it and post a picture!!!!)

I guess I am also feeling like a bad mommy because I am not able to spend as much time with my darling son anymore. I leave in the morning when he's been up an hour, drop him off at the sitter's, get home and he's ready to go to bed an hour after we get here. I *MISS* him. As soon as this darned student loan is close to being paid off I am OUTTA there. I got really lucky and have an AWESOME sitter who actually loves him, but I am jelaous that she's the one who'll more than likely get to see his first steps, hear his first words...y'all know what I mean.

My dad is also going in for a resectioning of his colon tomorrow afternoon. He had a colonoscopy a few weeks ago and they discovered cancer. I wish I could say what I wanted to here. I do ask for your prayers- both for his physical and mental health. He is depressed, and I can understand that- but it seems like he doesn't really want to fight this. My mom is understandable freaked out about the what-ifs of it all, my sister is too. I feel like I have to be the strong one so I haven't even let myself get to the point where I *CAN* cry at all about this. I have the need to be the strong one, plus I feel like I need to know what to worry about. Will he need chemo? Chemo AND radiation? Is it terminal? Too many unanswered questions at this point and we won't have the answers until tomorrow or Tuesday. (Then my whole state of mind may be another thing entirely.) All we do know is that the Dr's believe they caught this thing early- which is good. If they did then I am not going to worry, just horsewhip my father until he too believes this isn't a guaranteed death sentence.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Yeah, I was talked into this. My life is so exciting I need a blog! lol.
Yes, I have a new job. I miss being a stay at home mommy. I'm in training right now, and it's kind of like sending a 747 pilot to learn how to fly a Cessna. I know what I'm doing and I am SOOOOO BORED. UGH. Not only is it boring, but there are a few people who make this class so aggravating that I would rather get teeth pulled without novicaine. ARG!!!!!!
PS...This is for Elizabeth....we're NOT imaginary! HA HA HA!!!! (boobs!)