Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Kittens, kittens everywhere. Kittens, kittens in my hair. My parents had a pregnant cat adopt them. UGH. Now there are kittens ALL OVER the house. I know you're jealous. LOL. (Yeah, did I mention the lease was up on our rental, so I am living with the parents until school is done? I didn't? Yeah, well, now you know the source of 99% of my HELL.) So...anyone want a kitten? They really are ADORABLE!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Life as a Railroad Widow...

So my darling husband is still on borrow-out to San Antonio. I LOVE the city and cannot wait to visit him next week. The money has been BEYOND fantastic. (And I do mean BEYOND!) However, I often question the sanity of the decision. Yes, Jack and I will be relocating to Texas once I finish my RN degree in August, but in the meantime I am a single mom. We get our four days a month with the hubby and that's about it. EEEEEEK! My son misses his daddy, I miss the man I married, and I miss having someone to help save my sanity!!! Nursing school is hard enough on its own, much less as a mom who's doing it on her own. Thank GOD for my parents, or I very well would be in serious trouble. As for school- one final left for this semester then I am off for a whole WEEK!!! YAY!!! After that, 16 weeks and I have a degree that says I am eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam. YAY ME!!! (On a side note: who DOESN'T know 50 people in nursing school right now? Kinda scary to think there are that many of us competing for new grad jobs. YIKES!) Before closing- thank you Union Pacific for the paycheck and the benefits, but could you maybe think about giving these guys more than four days a month to spend at home? (Even FIVE days would be a blessing, long enough to get reaquainted, and long enough to realize that you really do have your OWN routine and he's just screwing it all up!!! HA HA HA!!!)