Saturday, June 12, 2010

GOOD Anti-Perspirant for under $2.00- Are They SERIOUS?

I mean really, how good can an $1.25 deoderant be- ESPECIALLY when it is also supposed to slow hair growth? Heck, the slowing hair growth alone is worth giving it a shot, right? HOLY COW! I love it! The product is AVON Skin So Soft Fresh and Smooth Hair Minimizing Anti-Perspirant Deoderant. I am not one of those girls who "glisten." No ma'am- I sweat like a hooker heading into the confessional- VERY BADLY. I have to say that this cheap deoderant works better than the $5.00 "little black dress friendly" stuff that I was using. (Which, btw, left marks on my dark clothes AND left me smelling like a locker room by the end of the day.)
So, if you're in the market for something more affordable in these tight times, I would wholeheartedly suggest the Skin So Soft deoderant/Anti-persperants. If you use the code FSANY upon checkout, you will get FREE shipping right to your front door!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Not Quite Epic Fail

OK, it really is an epic fail. I read back over my OLD blog posts. OOPS. I never did run that 5k, Troy was laid off from the railroad AGAIN, so I had to quit the gym. Along with several other things going on, I let taking care of ME go to the back burner. I did do rather well at home for a few months, but like a lot of other people, my WII Fit is gathering dust now, as is my Biggest Loser game I bought to go with it. As my father likes to say "Dumb ass." (Yes, my father LOVED "That 70's Show, mainly because of Red, who my dad likes to think of as himself. HA HA HA! Nice try Dad.)

Anyway, here it is, I WILL GET BACK ONTO THIS! My main problem is watching what I put into my mouth. I had that friggin Lap Band put it and I am totally eating around it like, well, like a dumb ass. I let too many excuses get in my way when it comes to getting off my rear end and EXERCISING. Heck, I'm usually up around 5am, definitely not too hot in Tucson at that time of day to go take a walk. Heck, I could even wait for Jack to wake up, shove an egg and some milk down his gullet and go take a walk then. It's warm at 8am, but not scorching yet. The downfall to this? I have to cook. UGH. I need to make it my mission over the next few days to print out some of the great sounding recipes to cook. Low fat, high protein and they seem like they'd be interesting to cook. (Really, I LOVE cooking- which is why I dislike just broiling a chicken breast, BORING.) I also need to find out exactly what is a "healthy" fat and what isn't. (OK, I KNOW what isn't, but what IS?)

More importantly, I need to figure out how to modify what we like to eat so that I can incorporate a healthier recipe for it. HELLO??? I was raised by two Texans, you KNOW I love chicken and dumplings and all sorts of fried crap that I shouldn't put within 10 feet of my hips. (Is BBQ low fat? Probably not...sigh...)

OK, off to find a healthy chicken and dumplings recipe, then get into bed. By the way, did you know that part of a healthy weight loss plan includes getting enough sleep? I can handle that!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Help! I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!

OK, so maybe that's a tad bit overkill, not to mention overused. (Overused if you're a child of the 80's anyway.) However, I am stuck in school Hell. I am taking the world's most boring class, Accounting Basics for Health Care Professionals. It should be easy, but since I have NO DESIRE to do anything with this class, I am borderline tanking it. (OK, low B, but seriously, for me, that is borderline tanking it!)I also started Anatomy and Physiology this week. This is a class that is normally a 16 week class designed to kick your butt while learning about our human bodies. I have to do it in ten weeks. WTF was I thinking? Today is day 5 of the class and we are on chapter 2. Monday we begin chapter three. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but it really is. I am a flashcard FREAK when it comes to studying terms and definitions, I have 61 off of chapter one itself. YIKES! Let's add to it that I start Psychology in two weeks too. Was this REALLY the best decision?
As any stay-at-home mom will tell you, doing this is a full-time job. My husband is gone 12 hours a day, and I go to school online. Online school, piece of cake right? NOT. I cannot watch my lectures while my child is awake or he is at the keyboard doing God knows what to it. I often end up having to listen to the lecture from the beginning again. I also have 4-10 page papers due EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. Again, something that is extremely difficult to do when you have a four year old and you don't want Nick Jr or Sprout babysitting him all day long. Sure, they teach good lessons to your kids. Jack just asked me the other day for "sports candy" after watching some weird show called Lazytown. (Imagine that, call vegetables and fruit sports candy and suddenly he WANTS them. GENIUS in my book!!!)
So, after all of this- I can honestly say I am stuck in school Hell. I get Jack down to bed at 8pm, have a brief conversation with my darling husband and start trying to get him to bed at 9pm. (Why is he so much harder to get to crawl into bed anyway? UGH) He finally goes at 10pm. (Seriously, he talks more than any other Southerner I've ever known. That says a LOT. I love my Texas boy, but WHEW!) This means I can finally study in EARNEST at 10pm. Thanks to this intensive class, I have to spend a good 4-5 hours a day reading, writing, looking at flashcards and doing research. There HAS to be an easier way.
Oh well, at least I can have my son help me with my Avon business. He was VERY nice at helping me arrange my first delivery so I can package the items up for my customers. WOOHOO! Four year olds are quite adapt at arranging things according to color and size. Now if only he could read to help me figure out which lipstick is which...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Adventures of Jack- Aqua Boy

My child is a fish- this is something I am quickly learning. He LOVES the water. I think maybe it has something to do with his obsession with Nemo. He would spend every waking moment in that pool if we allowed him to. Sounds great, except that I would occasionally like to get out to potty and eat from time to time myself. This little poop will hurry out of the pool, QUICKLY pose himself on the high edge where the waterfall goes into the pool, and JUMP! Does he care if no one is there to catch him? He used to, not anymore. He will gladly let go of us to try to swim across the pool. (Which would not be so bad, except the little poop sinks like a rock.) His FAVORITE thing to do in the pool is go underwater and "call Nemo." The only way I can describe it this: Stick your head underwater and shriek in your best nearly four year old voice. Welcome to calling Nemo. (By the way, this is done OUT of the water too. Thank GOD for Excedrin...just saying.)