Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Adventures of Jack- Aqua Boy

My child is a fish- this is something I am quickly learning. He LOVES the water. I think maybe it has something to do with his obsession with Nemo. He would spend every waking moment in that pool if we allowed him to. Sounds great, except that I would occasionally like to get out to potty and eat from time to time myself. This little poop will hurry out of the pool, QUICKLY pose himself on the high edge where the waterfall goes into the pool, and JUMP! Does he care if no one is there to catch him? He used to, not anymore. He will gladly let go of us to try to swim across the pool. (Which would not be so bad, except the little poop sinks like a rock.) His FAVORITE thing to do in the pool is go underwater and "call Nemo." The only way I can describe it this: Stick your head underwater and shriek in your best nearly four year old voice. Welcome to calling Nemo. (By the way, this is done OUT of the water too. Thank GOD for Excedrin...just saying.)

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Lesa Antone said...

LOL!! I love it!! That is awesome! As far as Excedrin goes, my kids are now 16 and 17, and man do I wish I woulda had the insight to buy stock in Motrin while they were young--I'd be rich!!

I love your blog background, by the way!! Stop by my page if you get a chance... http://choosegourmetcandles.blogspot.com