Saturday, February 14, 2015


As in I should be committed, or I am committed...

I, and my family, are looking at a few MAJOR upcoming changes in life. First- we are currently in the licensing process to be able to foster adopt a child or two. (We never intended for Jackson to be an only child, and he has been begging for siblings for a few years now.) We have our home study this coming Thursday. YAY! It's scary and exhilarating all at the same time, just like a roller coaster, which is exactly how people keep describing this process. Don't ask what kind of child we want, we don't know ourselves. Just someone older than 5 that will be a fit for our family, and someone who we will be a good fit for. (Even Jackson no longer cares if he gets a brother or a sister, he just wants a sibling.)
We have been speaking to him extensively about it, explaining to him that these kids don't come from the same situation he did, and they may be sad, or angry, and they may even take it out on him sometimes. We've been preparing him to not take it personally, and to come cry to US when/if it happens. (Hopefully we will learn a better strategy to cope with this before it actually happens.)

The other major change? Sadly, this is the truly scary one for me...I am giving up cigarettes for Lent. I have a plan, and one that I will hopefully stick with. This plan involves lots of water, vaping, and plenty of yoga. (Yes, I bought DDP Yoga...hopefully the DVDs will be here before Wednesday so I can get going with all of this at the same time!!!)Please, pray hard for me that this all works. Giving up smoking scares the daylights out of me. I've been smoking since I was in my early teens, and I'm 44 now. That's a LOOOOOOONG time to be slowly killing yourself. That's a long time to allow an addiction to run your life. I'm hoping that having a plan will help me this time. (This will be the 12th time I've quit.) I'm also hoping that the yoga DVDs will help me get rid of some of this excess weight.

Hopefully you'll read more of me here in the coming weeks. Blogging about the misery of giving up cigarettes is part of my plan. That along with giving any suffering I will have up to God as penance for my sins, and to let Him do his will.

In the meantime, thanks for reading! If you have any ideas for Lenten meals, please feel free to share. One can only eat so much tuna casserole and mac n cheese. LOL. (No one else eats fish, which makes it doubly fun to cook on meatless days!)