Friday, August 13, 2010

Beauty School Drop Out...

Or more aptly titled...My four year old was kicked out of Catholic school after two days...what has YOUR kid done? lol.

OK, not really LOL. Apparently Jack had QUITE the day today. (Wait, it's after midnight now, so he had quite the day yesterday.) He was swinging around his Nemo blankie, accidentally hitting other kids. He kept removing his shoes and refusing to put them back on. He would NOT sit still no matter what the teachers did...so after two days his frazzled looking teacher sent me to the principal's office for a nice, LOOOONG talk. Come to find out, these days it is common to hold off your kid an extra year before school if they were born close to the cut-off age for school. Jack was the youngest in class by a little more than two FULL months, which is HUGE at this age. Heck, a couple of the kids are a full YEAR older than he is. That explains everything. Since I really do want him to attend this school, and also because I do not disagree with her assessment, we are pulling Jack back into daycare for one more year then continuing on next year.

The good news out of this little experiment is this: Registration day is in February. People start lining up at MIDNIGHT to register their children for school here. I don't have to worry about that. He's automatically in for next year. YAY! Truth be told, I am a little relieved. He gets to be a "baby" for one more year, get a little more mature so he can learn. I feel as if we'll be setting him up for academic success rather than feeling as if he is always behind or struggling to keep up. Plus (and this is where the LOL comes into play) he'll be a year older than the other kids when it comes time to play football in school. WOOT!