Thursday, July 29, 2010


OK, not rantS...just a rant. Why is it a Dr's office will charge you $25.00 for not showing up or a late cancellation, yet they have NO problem calling YOU as you pull into THEIR parking lot and cancel the appointment? Another favorite of mine...you're a good girl and you show up five minutes EARLY for your appointment, and an hour later, there you sit in all your glory, IN THE WAITING ROOM. Really? Last time that happened to me, I told them I would start billing the Dr. at $25.00 per hour, as that is what I was losing by not being at work at the time, plus a little extra for my aggrivation. I was taken back ASAP after that. Too bad I still waited 45 minutes after that. (Too bad they still have yet to address the invoice I sent them for my time, although in my Dr's defense he told them to refund my co-pay. LOL)
So today I get up, throw some food and milk down Jack's gullet, manage to get myself dressed and hair combed AND get us out the door at a reasonable time. Yes, I was speeding to get to the appt on time as tardiness is a trait that really pisses me off. As I am pulling into the fart noodling parking lot my phone rings. Alas, it is the Dr's office. So and so called in today and I have to be rescheduled. Yay. Where's MY $25.00 for a late cancellation, ESPECIALLY since this visit was going to be out of pocket as we lost our insurance on July 1st? (And why on EARTH are pediatric well checks $100.00 anyway? That's a rant for a different day...)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Seriously- is school starting soon?

I have had it. I really do not know how so many women can be so happy about being a stay at home mom. It has its good points, it really does, but for crying out loud- HOW OFTEN DO I NEED TO HEAR MOM, MOMMY, MAMA, MAAAMAAA, MOM, MOMMY, MOM, HEY MOM, MOOOOOOOM, MAAAAAMMMMMMY IN ONE DAY? It used to not bother me, but my adorable four year old has taken to saying EVERYTHING in a whiny, Caillou sounding voice lately. My nerves cannot take it. It makes me understand why it is that hamsters and rabbits eat their young.
August 11, 2010...the bus will pick him up at 7:35am. I CANNOT WAIT! As soon as the bus leaves, I am taking myself out for a celebratory breakfast, ALONE, in a QUIET setting, where they serve food that grown ups like. (Really, an entire summer of scrambled eggs, frozen waffles, and cereal has done me in.)
Two weeks, and 13 hours from now I will have a NICE quiet home for a few hours a day again. Yup...two weeks and thriteen hours....