Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Not Quite Epic Fail

OK, it really is an epic fail. I read back over my OLD blog posts. OOPS. I never did run that 5k, Troy was laid off from the railroad AGAIN, so I had to quit the gym. Along with several other things going on, I let taking care of ME go to the back burner. I did do rather well at home for a few months, but like a lot of other people, my WII Fit is gathering dust now, as is my Biggest Loser game I bought to go with it. As my father likes to say "Dumb ass." (Yes, my father LOVED "That 70's Show, mainly because of Red, who my dad likes to think of as himself. HA HA HA! Nice try Dad.)

Anyway, here it is, I WILL GET BACK ONTO THIS! My main problem is watching what I put into my mouth. I had that friggin Lap Band put it and I am totally eating around it like, well, like a dumb ass. I let too many excuses get in my way when it comes to getting off my rear end and EXERCISING. Heck, I'm usually up around 5am, definitely not too hot in Tucson at that time of day to go take a walk. Heck, I could even wait for Jack to wake up, shove an egg and some milk down his gullet and go take a walk then. It's warm at 8am, but not scorching yet. The downfall to this? I have to cook. UGH. I need to make it my mission over the next few days to print out some of the great sounding recipes to cook. Low fat, high protein and they seem like they'd be interesting to cook. (Really, I LOVE cooking- which is why I dislike just broiling a chicken breast, BORING.) I also need to find out exactly what is a "healthy" fat and what isn't. (OK, I KNOW what isn't, but what IS?)

More importantly, I need to figure out how to modify what we like to eat so that I can incorporate a healthier recipe for it. HELLO??? I was raised by two Texans, you KNOW I love chicken and dumplings and all sorts of fried crap that I shouldn't put within 10 feet of my hips. (Is BBQ low fat? Probably not...sigh...)

OK, off to find a healthy chicken and dumplings recipe, then get into bed. By the way, did you know that part of a healthy weight loss plan includes getting enough sleep? I can handle that!

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