Tuesday, May 15, 2007

BAD Blogger...BAD BAD BAD!!!

I admit it, I need to update here more. I forget I even have one of these things!
So my little man is now hamming it up for the camera. It's about time! He's cute as I'll get out but it gets old having the same open mouthed expression on camera. HA HA HA!!!! Now maybe I can prove to the world he has a personality of SOME sort. Jack also wants me to send a shout out to his favorite girl...HI ELLA!
We got word today that there's a chance we could close on our house on Thursday evening or Friday. YIPPEEE!!!!! If that happens we'll have our keys on Monday and I can get some painting done before we move in. VERY BIG thing for me. (Not that I have anything against blah beige, but come ON! lol) Jack is trying to decide between an undersea look or pirates for his room. I told him I didn't care either way but he has three days to decide so I can buy paint and be ready to paint. In the meantime...does anyone have any suggestions for kitchen colors? It also houses my dining room...ugh. Maybe I'll go boring white and paint a wall a good navy blue. Should be different huh? We'll see. This color crap is hard now that I can do something other than repaint a wall WHITE! lol. YAY! NO MORE RENTING!
Now for the other big news! Jack and I were playing today and he was cruising the couch. He was doing that scream that happy babies are want to do, lifted his arms in the air, screeched again and took a step towards me!!!! YAY!!!!!! My little boogar is growing up on me!

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