Friday, November 5, 2010

Nothing Clever to Say Today...

Another week of school down, another week of anxiety out of the way. I will say I have learned to respect single moms a lot more than I did before. With Troy being back on the railroad, I am left to do a lot of the parenting on my own. UGH!!! There are not enough hours in the day during the week and weekends fly by TOO fast.

I FINALLY feel better about my Med Math class. Our instructor actually decided to TEACH us this week, and it was obvious he was having fun with it, which meant we did too. WOOT! It is finally clear and obvious what it is this class has to do with being a Registered Nurse. YIPPEE!!!

I took Jack to go vote with me on Tuesday. With God and you as my witness, I WILL raise a faithful voter. I am still flabbergasted that only 48% of the voters showed up to cast their vote and have a voice in the political process. I heard too many people in my school complain about the fact that our Medical Marijuana law isn't looking like it is going to pass. I HAD to ask them why it is they didn't vote. WELL over 1,200,000 people cast their votes in AZ and this prop. is failing by about 3,000 votes. WOW! Just think of what would have happened if all the people who didn't vote got off their duffs and did so. One of my classmates ALMOST had a valid reason-she felt she was too ill informed to be able to go vote on everything except this measure. I told her she could have left everything else on the ballot blank and voted for that measure. (Am I one of the few who know things like this?)And before anyone says anything...Yes, I am a registered Republican and YES- I want pot legalized. Legalize it, regulate it, and tax the daylights out of it. I still won't smoke it, and neither will millions of other people who have no desire to do so. I just happen lean Libertarian, which means I want the Gov't out of our lives as much as possible. :D

Peace out...I hope everyone has a good weekend. :D

PS- sorry about any typos. The laptop is having psychotic episodes and I don't feel like running spell check. HA HA HA

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