Friday, February 13, 2009


So I FINALLY found a job. It may be a day and a dollar short to be able to save my family's personal economy, but I AM WORKING AGAIN!!! YAY!!! Yes, I have a little mommy guilt, I'd be lying if I didn't say I did. However, it stems more from also having to do classwork than the working. I feel like a regular person again rather than a pawn to the whims of a two year old. lol. Seriously, HOW do stay-at-home moms do this? Or is it a little easier once they get older? Oh hell, let's face it, I am not patient enough to do the job.

What am I doing you ask? My technical job title is Integrated Service Specialist. I schedule for durable medical equipment and other services for workman's comp. claims. This is experience is going to do WONDERS for me when I finally have my degree. Plus, get this, it's a place that treats you like you're an actual professional rather than someone who has to have her hand held all the time. I LOVE IT so far. (It's only been a week, but my last job I knew within HOURS that I would dislike it. I was not wrong. lol)

Since my parents have Jack for the night...I am going to think of something fun and special to do with my whacky husband tonight. (Or I could use all my scrapbooking crap and make him a Valentine's Day card!)

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Melanie said...

Congrats!! Um, I don't know how SAHM's do it either, ftr.