Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nursing School Has Eaten My Life...or How NOT to Have a Life for Two Years.

I love school, really I do. However, I HAVE NO LIFE NOW! I expected that it would suck up about 75% of my free time- I knew it would. I DIDN'T know that it would eat about 95% of it. I had every intention of coming here every week and documenting my exciting journey to become a nurse, along with the harrowing (de)feat of being a wife and mom while doing this. (Who IS that strange man sleeping in my bed?) At least I am learning some fascinating things about how to take care of people now. I can officially proclaim to the world that I know JUST enough to make me REALLY, REALLY dangerous. HA HA HA!!!

On the flip side of things: Jack has truly started to blossom since he has been back in daycare full time. He LOVES it and is starting to learn how to pay attention. His cognitive abilities are finally catching up to his physical abilities. It struck me at some point this weekend that he is actually learning sight words!!! (He also somehow managed to pick up how to spell corn and peas...how random.) He has had a few behaviorial issues, but that is due to the fact that Daddy is FINALLY back with the railroad and is working A LOT. Jack's a 1000% Daddy's boy, and boy does he let me know it, especially when Troy is gone for work.

OK, sad to say that after five minutes of writing, I need to get back to the homework... My new mantra is "I WILL pass Med Math, I WILL pass Med Math, I WILL pass Med Math." Hey- something similar worked for Dorothy to get back to Kansas, it can work for ME!

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You got this hunny, just keep going! Love you lots! -Sommer