Friday, November 4, 2011

Shame on Me...

So it occurred to me today that I have this random blog that I WAS making an effort to keep up with. Alas, life has gotten in the way and I COMPLETELY forgot about it. OOPS. There's not a whole lot to say anyway. School is kicking my ass inside out, but I am STILL going. YAY!!! (And holy WOW...am I really going to be an RN this time next year???) My husband is still working for the UP. (Union Pacific for those not in the know.) He's in Texas though, because San Antonio is desperately short on people and well, they pay EXTREMELY well to keep these guys (and gal) from their families. Luckily, they will pay to send him home for a few days once a month. (Plus, I have the added bonus of getting to go "home" to Texas for a week over Thanksgiving. WOOHOO!) He's also put in for a transfer to Fort Worth. If he gets it, we will be supremely happy, as it means we can live somewhere that will allow us to have a life. (Sorry Tucson, but last time I left I swore I'd NEVER live in here again. Technically I don't, but I am still in Pima County, and that's bad enough!!!) It will also mean I get to be near to some dear friends whom I love and adore, and Jack will also be able to get to know Troy's side of the family better. Plus, let's face it, education in Arizona isn't exactly top notch. Texas isn't a MILLION times better, but it is. Speaking of Jack...this has been a BIG year for my mini-me. He started Kindergarten!!! It was a rough start to the year, but all has settled down now, and his teacher, who doubted whether or not he could even PASS Kindy at the very beginning of the year has started a push to get him into advanced classes next year. EXCITING! I knew he was smart, and I knew he could show it in those moments he could sit and FOCUS. YAY JACKSON!!! He also played his very first season of football. Before you freak out...it was FLAG football. No way in HELL would I allow my five year old to play tackle football. (However HE cannot WAIT until he's old enough to be able to "run and knock people down.") I did have weight loss surgery in August. I had the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy done. It has been AMAZING. Hopefully by this time next year I will be the hot, skinny wife/mom Amazon lady rather than the "HOLY SHIT...you married THAT?" lol. (If you're in Tucson and want this done, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Patrick Chiasson. He's WONDERFUL!!!) What the hell else has happened this year? Oh yeah...lost our house thanks to the railroad laying the husband off for the better part of three years. Oh well...less stress now that it's all behind us. (Plus HELLO...an appliance breaks and I just pick up the phone to get them to come fix it. VERY nice option!) Other than that...this year has been quite uneventful. (At least as far as I can remember.) School, Jack's school, Troy out of town, more school and more homework, then throw in clinical hours. Oh...and trying to spend time with my adorable son. (My awesome parents keep him during the week for me, and DAMN it's amazing to me how much I MISS the little booger, even though I still spend a couple hours a night over there with him.) Well...I'm about out of words. Peace out y'all! Bear Down and HOOK 'EM HORNS!!!

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