Sunday, March 11, 2012

SSDD...(You know...Same Shiitake, Different Day)

One of these years I WILL find the time to keep up with my blog. You know, how a vast majority of us fully intend to, but never seem to follow through on. OK- so it's not only the TIME, but I feel like I am living the movie Groundhog Day right now. You know the one- where each day is the same as the one before. COMPLETELY predictable and slightly insane. (At least HE learned to avoid the insurance salesman. LOL) I am still chugging along with nursing school- 5 weeks left of this semester, then one semester left. COME ON AUGUST 17TH!!! (It's my last day of school. WOOHOO!!!) I have discovered something about myself- after having a few days on a psych unit for my clinical rotations...OMG! I LOVE IT!!!! I am now torn between three options, all of which require a master's degree at a minimum. What are these options? Well, I'll tell you. I'd can see myself as a pediatric nurse practitioner, a mental health practitioner, or a midwife. (REALLY have to think heavy on the midwife part- I'd be 44 when I get that degree. Do I REALLY want to be on call all hours of the night to deliver babies? Maybe I do...wish I could get more experience on an L&D unit to help rule it out or make it more of a cloudy issue.) Jackson is excelling in school. He ADORES it! He is getting tested sometime next month to get into the GEM program. (Feels good knowing at least ONE member of my family has a lot of brains. LOL) Otherwise- his life is fairly simple. School is Hell for me right now, so I am playing the part of Bad Mommy and not enrolling him in ANY sports or extracurricular activities. Poor thing, he really does need SOMETHING. If it's not too late, I will find him something to do over the Summer months to keep the boredom at bay. (Otherwise he will drive my poor parents INSANE.) Thinking of my parents... Now don't be a hater, but I get to move in with them next week. HEY! I said don't be a hater. Our lease is up and it's the best option for Jackson and I. It's only until school is over, then we're...YAY! MOVING TO TEXAS!!! Troy and I had a few long talks and decided we'd both be better off moving our little family to San Antonio. 1. He can hold a job with the railroad there. 2. *I* will have an easier time finding a job as a nurse out there. 3. The schools are WAY better, especially the district we plan on living in. 4. FOOTBALL. (Nuff said there.) So...you're now caught up on my oh-so-exciting life. Hope y'all are doing well with yours!

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