Friday, January 9, 2015

I said BRRRRRR! It's COLD in here...

OK, so maybe cold is a relative term. I know some of you are dealing with below zero temps and nasty stuff falling from the sky, don't judge. I'm the girl that was born and raised in places like Hawaii, Southern California, Southern Arizona. Want to know how to handle life at 105 in July? I'm your girl! In fact, I LOVE the heat. Want to know how to whine and moan about it being 38 in southern Texas? I'm your girl! I would seriously FAIL at being a northerner. In fact, I once spent two winters in Dallas. YOWZA! That did me in on winter for like, the rest of my life.
On a similar note: It's time to teach the ENTIRE family about fireplace safety. In a bout of not being able to sleep last night, I got out of bed at 2am to grab a drink of water. The family room was FILLED with smoke. The fireplace flu had been closed while embers were still burning. How it is the smoke alarm hadn't gone off yet, I don't know. So, here I am trying to close the flu in the dark, running to open the doors in my pjs while it was 27 outside. Yeah, felt great I tell ya. Brrrr! I need to learn to wear socks. (It may indeed help with that whole aversion to winter thing I have going the last few years. HA!)
Another stupid weather thing...there's been a steady drizzle all morning. It's cold. I have an 8 year old. He spent a lot of time this morning staring out the window wishing it would get just a little bit colder and snow. (Frankly, I'm with him. If it's going to be cold and miserable, give us something to make it FUN!) This is also what I love about being a homeschooling mom. I had Jack take his Math test, then we had a lesson about the weather. Not the kind of lesson where it FEELS like school, but the kind of lesson where we go "Hey! Let's Google and see what we can learn about sleet, snow, and other types of winter weather." It was also the kind of lesson where I got to turn it into a Cub Scout belt loop opportunity. Two birds, one stone. I also relearned about grapple. Grapple? Yes, there really is something called grapple that falls from the sky. It's basically soft hail, or snow pellets. If you've ever had Dippin' Dots, then you know exactly what it looks like, but without all the fun colors. (The only reason I know this is because we didn't snow last year. Nope. We got GRAPPLE! Then we got ice. NOT COOL. lol)
I also want anyone out there to fess up...who else has Christmas still up? In our defense, 90% of it is down now. (Happened yesterday.) However, I still have the wreaths on the fireplace and the front door, and my deco mesh garland around my front door. It's so darned cute I don't WANT to take them down. However, my HOA may have something else to say about that. I do plan on running to Hobby Lobby here in a bit, maybe it'll be time to make something cute for Valentine's Day, or better yet, Mardi Gras. (Because I can get away with leaving the Mardi Gras wreath up a few days after VD. WOOT!)
Laissez les bon temps rouler y'all. Stay warm. It's time for this wimp to bundle up and go to the store. (They're predicting ice tonight. Yay. That means go grab the milk and bread we need NOW, because crazy people around here will panic and stock up on groceries as if we'll be frozen in for days or weeks on end.)

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