Saturday, January 3, 2015

So We ALL know I am not good about keeping up with this blog...

However, It's only been a month, RIGHT? LOL. We're still on Christmas break from homeschool, so there's not a lot in that respect to talk about other than THIS:

Jackson heard me talking about Latin Mass and how I'd love to go someday, but I would have VERY LITTLE clue as to what was being said. He had a REALLY COOL suggestion. "Why don't we learn to speak Latin Mama?" This was right after I published my previous post. He was on me for a few weeks. Well, I posted on Facebook about it, hoping one of my talented linguistic friends would chime in. My very dear cousin Danny, who's a MASTER of languages and a devout Catholic indeed spoke up and was a great help to me. I ended up ordering a Latin curriculum through Seton, as he was not the only one who suggested we learn the ecclesiatical pronunciation of the language. YAY!!! So both Jackson and I will soon be learning Latin. Who knew? Too bad my old Russian courses won't help me a bit in it. HA!

Troy and I have also made the decision to finally start pursuing adoption through DFPS here in Texas. It's a bit of a scary step, but one we feel is right for our little family. Besides, Jackson is always asking when are we going to buy him a baby brother. He's at the point now where he'll even take a sister. (No, don't sweat, we don't want a BABY, just someone close in age to Jackson, but a little younger.) To make matters even more interesting, at least to us, is this saint name generator. I said a quick, meaningful prayer before choosing our family saint for the year. St. Clotilde is who popped up. Divine providence was at work here, as she is the patron saint of...drum roll please...adopted children and parenthood. We will be learning about her all throughout 2015. (Don't be surprised if I talk about her here, as we are striving to be better Catholics and getting our rear ends to mass more than 5 or 6 times a year.)

I would like to sincerely wish you all a Happy New Year and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Yes, it is STILL Christmas. The Christmas season does not end until the Epiphany, which is traditionally January 6th. (12 Days of Christmas.) Many parishes celebrate the Christmas season until the Presentation of the Lord, which is 40 days AFTER December 25th, which happens to be February 2nd. (Some end it a few days earlier than the Epiphany, which is January 4th, the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.) Admit it, you're learning more about Catholicism than you wanted to today, didn't you? :) That's OK. It's FUN to learn new things! Trust me, I'm addicted to schooling, which is probably my favorite thing about being a homeschooling mother.

If you would like to use the Saint Generator yourself, head over to Jennifer Fulweiler's blog ConversionDiary.com and use it! She has a great site. (For some reason the link is not posting....)

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