Friday, December 31, 2010

Trying to See the Positive

As 2010 winds down, literally only a couple hours left of the year, I am trying to find the positive in such a crap ass year. I really only know of a few people who could truly say they had a GOOD year. So, in an attempt to not end this awful year on a negative note, I will list what was positive:

1. Troy. My husband, as much as is a typical PITA male, lol, has been a light and a source of strength for me this year. On this, our 14th anniversary, I can truly say I made the right choice in my life as far as my choice of spouses go.

2. Jackson. He really is a wonderful child, and a blessing in every way. I look forward to the new ways he's going to grow and the discoveries he'll make in 2011.

3. My Family. My parents have been a terrific support system for me, as has my sister Lisa. I would NOT have been able to be successful in school without them.

4. Nursing School. It will be a continual source of stress, but it is GOOD stress, and I am thankful I was able to get in, and even more thankful I made it through my first semester!!!

5. Friends. They are there for me to share my joys and share in my defeats. I thank each and every one of them for that. (OK, so most of them don't read my blog, but I still appreciate them!)

When I sat down to write this, I had a nice list in my head. OOPS. Hey, I was able to find five things off the cuff to be able to list. That in and of itself is a positive!

Happy new year my friends. 2010 can kiss my ass, I welcome 2011 with welcome arms!

Oops! One more positive...
2010 brought back legalized fireworks in Arizona...so along with welcome arms, I will bring in 2011 with PYROTECHNICS!!! WOOHOO!!!


Mitzi said...


Love you KK! Have a wonderful new year!

Rachel said...

Open Arms - a Hand!! LOL