Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tucsonans LOVE their junk.

I've been searching for a decent used treadmill for a while now. Craigslist has been a bust as well as the newspaper classifieds. Seriously, someone actually thinks that because their nonworking treadmill says Nordictrack on it means they should still sell it for eight hundred dollars. What the HELL? This is just par for the course for the people in this city.

Of course, this also goes the other way. If you have a garage sale and have a gently used baby swing that cost $120.00 brand new marked for thirty, they offer you ten bucks. Sorry, I'll donate it and take the tax write off for a higher amount than that.

I totally understand wanting to make a buck or two and wanting to get a good deal, just be REALISTIC about it people!!!

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