Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cake, yummy, delicious CAKE...

So I'm FINALLY putting my cake decorating lessons to GOOD use and I'm making my first cake to take into public. It's going to be a Cardinals Superbowl theme. (Part of it is baking as I type this.) Oh Lord just PLEASE let it at least taste good. lol.

I'd also like to know why it is that there isn't anywhere half way decent in Tucson to buy decorating supplies. Michael's is ALWAYS out of what I want, unless I want to drive across town for it. There's another place I found that's SUPPOSED to be a cake decorating supply store. Right, and I'm Collette Peters. (Google her if you don't know who she is.) If I ever need cheap plastic doo-dads for a cake or cupcakes, I know EXACTLY where to go, otherwise it's overpriced crap that Michael's carried anyway. I guess when I need something I'll be looking to a friendly internet retail shop. (Shopping in Tucson for anything just plain sucks anyway, unless you WANT overpriced crap.)

Oh! I also made my first BIG word faux pas with Jack today. I was driving down the street when someone in a TINY little car pulled right out in front of my 3/4 ton Suburban, causing me to slam on my brakes and spill iced tea all over the front of my ONE unstained white t-shirt, cause me to yell one of the easiest four letter words for a toddler to replicate. Let's just say within thirty seconds I was repeating "no honey...SHOE." It worked this time. WHEW!

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