Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So I finally decided to get off my rear end and finish my degree. WOOT! I feel like Nemo when he's jumping on his dad yelling "FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!" This enthusiasm had BETTER darned well last more than a few days this time. I'm sick of the dead end, useless jobs here in Tucson. If you want to do ANYTHING here you need that bachelor's degree. Sadly, here in Tucson it doesn't guarantee you a job that pays more than twelve dollars an hour. It's like this city says "Welcome to Tucson- now go away."

My ultimate goal is to finish this degree in Health Care Administration then go to the U of A here to get an accelerated BSN. Depending on how the economy is by the time I finish my HCA degree, I may talk my husband into moving back to Texas and doing my BSN there. Tucson just isn't a very family friendly city to raise children in. (Sorry, the city wants to be, but it just isn't.)

I have also decided, for my BIG New Year's Resolution to organize this house. I am sick of clutter, and three people living in a 1200 square foot house does not equal a lot of room. Especially when one of these said people is a two year old who believes the entire house is his to turn into a playroom. This will teach me to listen to my mother when it comes to home buying advice. She told us to not get a house with a family room and a formal living room as the living room would never be used. I'm now thinking that at least with the formal living space I could have an area we could block off from the monster and have company in. (I know...HA HA HA HA!!! Nice thought there.) In any case, it could be an area to turn into a playroom. Either that or I wish we had bought a four bedroom home. Oh well...lesson learned for next time we go house hunting. (Although I have a feeling my then Jack will be old enough where we'll need a media room or something awful like that.) Anyway, back to my organization plan...if you have any tips to give me to get my life organized, feel free to pass them along!!!

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